At Team Air Express we understand that the basic cargo insurance coverage being provided by carriers does not come close to compensating for loss or damage to the customers products. Over our many years of trading we have witnessed first hand the disappointment of our clients when the carrier has settled claims under their limited liability conditions. Such policies are not dissimilar than when you personally travel, which is why you would always take out a separate insurance cover.

Air freightWe continually advise our clients to enter into a Freight/Marine insurance policy when shipping their goods. Unlike carrier limited liability policies, which are paid out on weight (e.g. £1.00 per 1kg). Freight/Marine insurance will pay up to 115% of the value of the goods, with your premium being calculated on the value of your goods being transported on an annual / individual basis.

Whilst we suggest our clients take out their own annual policies through their own insurance brokers, we offer Freight /Maritime insurance cover for those clients who wish us to handle the cover on their behalf.

This insurance cover can be an annual policy or on a shipment by shipment basis. Insurance premiums are dependent on many factors; please contact us for a quotation.